AL ILM Trust - العلم ٹرسٹ

The entire world at present is in chaos. Communism failed after experimenting the system in countries encompassing half the world. The other major system, corporate democracy, is at the verge of collapse. The entire population of the world is in search of an alternative which can fulfill the social, economical, political and spiritual needs of the mankind. Islam being the only divine system of governance is the answer. How this divine law could be brought into practice, how the injunctions of the Holy Quran and Sunnah are translated in an implementable mode. To create a balance in the ongoing confusions and disorders in the society, Al Ilm Trust (a nonprofit organization) took up the responsibility to work for outlining the conceptual framework and ideologies of Islam that was the basis of the creation of Pakistan and to prepare an implementable code of Islamic laws, comprehensive Islamic education system and economic laws of governance in accordance with the injunctions of Islam.

The mission of the Trust is to develop a comprehensive set of rules, laws, modules and processes of this only and divine system according to the modern socio- cultural and political aspirations of the society. Overall, the Trust underlines a clear message: Islam in a complete set of systems and laws, which, if implemented, would create a balanced world with a just society.

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  • Islamic Economic System
  • Islamic Education System
  • Islamic Law and Governance

1 : Modern banking system was evolved through promissory notes, generally issued by the jewelers to serve as an alternative currency. This system became so well entrenched that even the rulers of different countries became insolvent due to the multiplicity of interest on their dues. The charters of different banks were taken from those concerned rulers and an entire system of Usury was established in the world.

2 : Education is the main culture artery of human soul which feeds images, concepts and dreams. Every society rests its education system on its history, culture, language and set of values practiced by them. Islam being a complete code of life also desires to have a complete set of education system. Since years when the concept of cause and effect theory prevailed in the society, the presence of divine wisdom has been ignored in most of the education institutions in the world. This resulted in a tremendous growth of technology, comfortable civic life and amenities but the man became hollow in spiritual feel and its social well being has been completely destroyed.

3 :Islam aims at a society based on principles of justice, equality of all human beings, ensuring peace and tranquility and pious atmosphere. This social milieu could be achieved through the implementation of divine laws enshrined in Quran and Sunnah.



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